CentOS 6.8 の PHP のバージョンを 7 に上げる

VPSのPHPのバージョンを5.4からPHP7.0へアップした作業メモ。WordPress も高速化されるというのでいつまでも古いバージョン使っていても仕方ないですね。



$ yum list installed | grep php
php.x86_64                           5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-cli.x86_64                       5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-common.x86_64                    5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-devel.x86_64                     5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-gd.x86_64                        5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-mbstring.x86_64                  5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-mcrypt.x86_64                    5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-mysql.x86_64                     5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-pdo.x86_64                       5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-pear.noarch                      1:1.9.4-23.el6.remi                @remi   
php-pecl-igbinary.x86_64             1.1.2-0.1.git3b8ab7e.el6.remi      @remi   
php-pecl-imagick.x86_64              3.1.2-2.el6.remi.5.4               @remi   
php-pecl-memcached.x86_64            2.1.0-7.el6.remi.5.4               @remi   
php-process.x86_64                   5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-snmp.x86_64                      5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi   
php-xml.x86_64                       5.4.24-1.el6.remi                  @remi


$ wget wget http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/remi-release-6.rpm
$ sudo rpm -ivh ./remi-release-6.rpm
$ ls /etc/yum.repos.d/
CentOS-Base.repo       CentOS-Base.repo.rpmnew  CentOS-Media.repo  CentOS-fasttrack.repo  epel.repo        remi-php71.repo  remi.repo
CentOS-Base.repo.orig  CentOS-Debuginfo.repo    CentOS-Vault.repo  epel-testing.repo      remi-php70.repo  remi-safe.repo


$ sudo yum -y remove php php-cli php-common php-devel php-gd php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-mysql php-pdo php-pear.noarch php-pecl-igbinary php-pecl-imagick php-pecl-memcached php-process php-snmp php-xml

PHP7 をインストール。サイトによってはパッケージ名が実際と異なっていたこともあったので、 yum search してパッケージ名確認してから入れた方がいいみたいです。

$ yum --enablerepo=remi-php70 search php70 
読み込んだプラグイン:fastestmirror, security
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * remi-php70: mirror.smartmedia.net.id
 * remi-safe: mirror.smartmedia.net.id
=============================================================== N/S Matched: php70 ================================================================php70-php-pecl-propro-devel.x86_64 : php70-php-pecl-propro developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-raphf-devel.x86_64 : php70-php-pecl-raphf developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-xmldiff-devel.x86_64 : php70-php-pecl-xmldiff developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-yaconf-devel.x86_64 : php70-php-pecl-yaconf developer files (header)
php70-php-yaconf-devel.x86_64 : php70-php-yaconf developer files (header)
php70-runtime.x86_64 : Package that handles php70 Software Collection.
php70-scldevel.x86_64 : Package shipping development files for php70
php70.x86_64 : Package that installs PHP 7.0
php70-build.x86_64 : Package shipping basic build configuration
php70-php.x86_64 : PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
php70-php-ast.x86_64 : Abstract Syntax Tree
php70-php-bcmath.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications for using the bcmath library
php70-php-cli.x86_64 : Command-line interface for PHP
php70-php-common.x86_64 : Common files for PHP
php70-php-dba.x86_64 : A database abstraction layer module for PHP applications
php70-php-dbg.x86_64 : The interactive PHP debugger
php70-php-devel.x86_64 : Files needed for building PHP extensions
php70-php-embedded.x86_64 : PHP library for embedding in applications
php70-php-enchant.x86_64 : Enchant spelling extension for PHP applications
php70-php-fpm.x86_64 : PHP FastCGI Process Manager
php70-php-gd.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications for using the gd graphics library
php70-php-gmp.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications for using the GNU MP library
php70-php-horde-horde-lz4.x86_64 : Horde LZ4 Compression Extension
php70-php-imap.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use IMAP
php70-php-interbase.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use Interbase/Firebird databases
php70-php-intl.x86_64 : Internationalization extension for PHP applications
php70-php-ioncube-loader.x86_64 : Loader for ionCube Encoded Files with ionCube 24 support
php70-php-json.x86_64 : JavaScript Object Notation extension for PHP
php70-php-ldap.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use LDAP
php70-php-litespeed.x86_64 : LiteSpeed Web Server PHP support
php70-php-lz4.x86_64 : LZ4 Extension for PHP
php70-php-mbstring.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications which need multi-byte string handling
php70-php-mcrypt.x86_64 : Standard PHP module provides mcrypt library support
php70-php-mysqlnd.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use MySQL databases
php70-php-oci8.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use OCI8 databases
php70-php-odbc.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use ODBC databases
php70-php-opcache.x86_64 : The Zend OPcache
php70-php-pdo.x86_64 : A database access abstraction module for PHP applications
php70-php-pdo-dblib.x86_64 : PDO driver Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases
php70-php-pear.noarch : PHP Extension and Application Repository framework
php70-php-pecl-amqp.x86_64 : Communicate with any AMQP compliant server
php70-php-pecl-apcu.x86_64 : APC User Cache
php70-php-pecl-apcu-bc.x86_64 : APCu Backwards Compatibility Module
php70-php-pecl-apcu-devel.x86_64 : APCu developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-apfd.x86_64 : Always Populate Form Data
php70-php-pecl-apm.x86_64 : Alternative PHP Monitor
php70-php-pecl-bitset.x86_64 : BITSET library
php70-php-pecl-cassandra.x86_64 : DataStax PHP Driver for Apache Cassandra
php70-php-pecl-couchbase2.x86_64 : Couchbase Server PHP extension
php70-php-pecl-crypto.x86_64 : Wrapper for OpenSSL Crypto Library
php70-php-pecl-dbase.x86_64 : dBase database file access functions
php70-php-pecl-dio.x86_64 : Direct I/O functions
php70-php-pecl-druid.x86_64 : A Druid driver for PHP
php70-php-pecl-ds.x86_64 : Data Structures for PHP
php70-php-pecl-eio.x86_64 : Provides interface to the libeio library
php70-php-pecl-env.x86_64 : Load environment variables
php70-php-pecl-ev.x86_64 : Provides interface to libev library
php70-php-pecl-event.x86_64 : Provides interface to libevent library
php70-php-pecl-fann.x86_64 : Wrapper for FANN Library
php70-php-pecl-gearman.x86_64 : PHP wrapper to libgearman
php70-php-pecl-gender.x86_64 : Gender Extension
php70-php-pecl-geoip.x86_64 : Extension to map IP addresses to geographic places
php70-php-pecl-geospatial.x86_64 : PHP Extension to handle common geospatial functions
php70-php-pecl-gmagick.x86_64 : Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library
php70-php-pecl-gnupg.x86_64 : Wrapper around the gpgme library
php70-php-pecl-hprose.x86_64 : Hprose for PHP
php70-php-pecl-hrtime.x86_64 : High resolution timing
php70-php-pecl-http.x86_64 : Extended HTTP support
php70-php-pecl-http-devel.x86_64 : Extended HTTP support developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-igbinary.x86_64 : Replacement for the standard PHP serializer
php70-php-pecl-igbinary-devel.x86_64 : Igbinary developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-imagick.x86_64 : Extension to create and modify images using ImageMagick
php70-php-pecl-imagick-devel.x86_64 : imagick extension developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-inotify.x86_64 : Inotify
php70-php-pecl-json-post.x86_64 : JSON POST handler
php70-php-pecl-krb5.x86_64 : Kerberos authentification extension
php70-php-pecl-krb5-devel.x86_64 : Kerberos extension developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-libsodium.x86_64 : Wrapper for the Sodium cryptographic library
php70-php-pecl-lua.x86_64 : Embedded lua interpreter
php70-php-pecl-lzf.x86_64 : Extension to handle LZF de/compression
php70-php-pecl-mailparse.x86_64 : PHP PECL package for parsing and working with email messages
php70-php-pecl-memcache.x86_64 : Extension to work with the Memcached caching daemon
php70-php-pecl-memcached.x86_64 : Extension to work with the Memcached caching daemon
php70-php-pecl-memprof.x86_64 : Memory usage profiler
php70-php-pecl-mogilefs.x86_64 : PHP client library to communicate with the MogileFS storage
php70-php-pecl-mongodb.x86_64 : MongoDB driver for PHP
php70-php-pecl-msgpack.x86_64 : API for communicating with MessagePack serialization
php70-php-pecl-msgpack-devel.x86_64 : MessagePack developer files (header)
php70-php-pecl-mysql.x86_64 : MySQL database access functions
php70-php-pecl-oauth.x86_64 : PHP OAuth consumer extension
php70-php-pecl-pcs.x86_64 : PHP Code Service
php70-php-pecl-pcs-devel.x86_64 : PHP Code Service (header)
php70-php-pecl-pdflib.x86_64 : Package for generating PDF files
php70-php-pecl-propro.x86_64 : Property proxy
php70-php-pecl-radius.x86_64 : Radius client library
php70-php-pecl-raphf.x86_64 : Resource and persistent handles factory
php70-php-pecl-rdkafka.x86_64 : Kafka client based on librdkafka
php70-php-pecl-redis.x86_64 : Extension for communicating with the Redis key-value store
php70-php-pecl-ref.x86_64 : Soft and Weak references support in PHP
php70-php-pecl-request.x86_64 : Server-side request and response objects
php70-php-pecl-rrd.x86_64 : PHP Bindings for rrdtool
php70-php-pecl-scrypt.x86_64 : Scrypt hashing function
php70-php-pecl-seaslog.x86_64 : A effective,fast,stable log extension for PHP
php70-php-pecl-selinux.x86_64 : SELinux binding for PHP scripting language
php70-php-pecl-solr2.x86_64 : API orientée objet pour Apache Solr
php70-php-pecl-ssdeep.x86_64 : Wrapper for libfuzzy library
php70-php-pecl-ssh2.x86_64 : Bindings for the libssh2 library
php70-php-pecl-stats.x86_64 : Routines for statistical computation
php70-php-pecl-stomp.x86_64 : Stomp client extension
php70-php-pecl-swoole.x86_64 : PHP's asynchronous concurrent distributed networking framework
php70-php-pecl-swoole-serialize.x86_64 : Fast and Small serialize
php70-php-pecl-sync.x86_64 : Named and unnamed synchronization objects
php70-php-pecl-taint.x86_64 : XSS code sniffer
php70-php-pecl-tcpwrap.x86_64 : Tcpwrappers binding
php70-php-pecl-termbox.x86_64 : A termbox wrapper for PHP
php70-php-pecl-trace.x86_64 : Trace is a low-overhead tracing tool for PHP
php70-php-pecl-trader.x86_64 : Technical Analysis for traders
php70-php-pecl-uopz.x86_64 : User Operations for Zend
php70-php-pecl-uploadprogress.x86_64 : An extension to track progress of a file upload
php70-php-pecl-uuid.x86_64 : Universally Unique Identifier extension for PHP
php70-php-pecl-vld.x86_64 : Dump the internal representation of PHP scripts
php70-php-pecl-weakref.x86_64 : Implementation of weak references
php70-php-pecl-xattr.x86_64 : Extended attributes
php70-php-pecl-xdebug.x86_64 : PECL package for debugging PHP scripts
php70-php-pecl-xdiff.x86_64 : File differences/patches
php70-php-pecl-xmldiff.x86_64 : XML diff and merge
php70-php-pecl-xxtea.x86_64 : XXTEA encryption algorithm extension for PHP
php70-php-pecl-yac.x86_64 : Lockless user data cache
php70-php-pecl-yaconf.x86_64 : Yet Another Configurations Container
php70-php-pecl-yaf.x86_64 : Yet Another Framework
php70-php-pecl-yaml.x86_64 : PHP Bindings for yaml
php70-php-pecl-yar.x86_64 : Light, concurrent RPC framework
php70-php-pecl-yaz.x86_64 : Z39.50/SRU client
php70-php-pecl-zip.x86_64 : Une extension de gestion des ZIP
php70-php-pecl-zmq.x86_64 : ZeroMQ messaging
php70-php-pgsql.x86_64 : A PostgreSQL database module for PHP
php70-php-phalcon3.x86_64 : Phalcon Framework
php70-php-phpiredis.x86_64 : Client extension for Redis
php70-php-pinba.x86_64 : Client extension for Pinba statistics server
php70-php-process.x86_64 : Modules for PHP script using system process interfaces
php70-php-pspell.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications for using pspell interfaces
php70-php-recode.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications for using the recode library
php70-php-smbclient.x86_64 : PHP wrapper for libsmbclient
php70-php-snappy.x86_64 : Snappy Extension for PHP
php70-php-snmp.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that query SNMP-managed devices
php70-php-soap.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications that use the SOAP protocol
php70-php-suhosin.x86_64 : Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations
php70-php-tarantool.x86_64 : PHP driver for Tarantool/Box
php70-php-tidy.x86_64 : Standard PHP module provides tidy library support
php70-php-xml.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications which use XML
php70-php-xmlrpc.x86_64 : A module for PHP applications which use the XML-RPC protocol
php70-php-yaconf.x86_64 : Yet Another Configurations Container
php70-zephir.noarch : Zephir language for creation of extensions for PHP.
php70-zephir-parser.x86_64 : Zephir parser extension
$ sudo yum --enablerepo=remi-php70 install php70 php70-php php70-php-cli php70-php-common php70-php-devel php70-php-gd php70-php-mbstring php70-php-mcrypt php70-php-mysql php70-php-pdo php70-php-pear.noarch php70-php-process php70-php-snmp php70-php-xml

インストール直後だとPHP7のバイナリへパスが通っていないので、 /opt/remi/php70/enable の記述に従いパスを追加します。

$ cat /opt/remi/php70/enable 
export PATH=/opt/remi/php70/root/usr/bin:/opt/remi/php70/root/usr/sbin${PATH:+:${PATH}}
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/remi/php70/root/usr/lib64${LD_LIBRARY_PATH:+:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}}
export MANPATH=/opt/remi/php70/root/usr/share/man:${MANPATH}
$ sudo source /opt/remi/php70/enable 

php.ini の場所は /etc/opt/remi/php70/php.ini にあるので、タイムゾーンの設定や日本語関係の mbstring の設定を変更しておきます。



PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ というエラーを吐く

検索して、php7でpear/http_requestが動かなくなった – パンクはいつも突然に を参考に & newnew に修正。

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split() というエラーを吐く

先取り!PHP 7 と WordPress を参考にsplitexplode に修正。

とうに非推奨になっていた split が残っているコードって……。



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